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Nov 17 2015

Life is a thousand winding paths in a dark forest of possibilities. We never know where we’re truly headed. We may have a route in mind, only to find out that the road ends. But for every dead end we ram into, two more paths open up.

Aug 25 2015
World Future 2015 [Part 4]: The Future of Kinja

Strategic foresight is beneficial to every organization and every complex problem, including Kinja. Anyone that has worked on Gawker Media’s platform knows that is is a complex system, and that building it to its greatest peak will require us to solve some rather complex problems - both in terms of product direction


May 21 2015
Learnings from CMX Summit 2015

On Tuesday I ventured into the hipster-mecca of the world, Brooklyn, to attend CMX Summit 2015. Community is currently an ambiguous role in the tech/media/any-company-that-has-a-product-or-platform world. Every company has a different definition and status for Community. It’s a burgeoning field where boundaries and


Mar 6 2015
A PSA - Posting on Kinja

Just a heads up that one "feature" of Kinja is that it has a timeout on editing your post; After a predetermined time [EDIT: 15 minutes], you no longer have the ability to edit. What this means its important that you treat anything you write on Kinja as permanent. Regrets and typos apply equally. Be confident it

Feb 13 2015

It's February, so you know what time it is! It's time to watch my favorite Peter Billingsley movie. Now some of you might be confused by this and/or are muttering "Lousy Steve watches Christmas Story in February? What an asshole." Well guess what! That's not my favorite Peter Billingsley movie (Christmas Story 2



Dec 19 2014

Have you ever wondered which member of the Kinja Tech team your personality is most like? Now you can find out. Read more

Dec 11 2014

Last night Gawker Media held its annual all-hands meeting, which brought together all of our rapidly growing departments in an overly crowded physical space. We reflected on the year prior, meditated on the year to come, and asked a shit-ton of questions to justify why we continue to dedicate ourselves to the