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Last night Gawker Media held its annual all-hands meeting, which brought together all of our rapidly growing departments in an overly crowded physical space. We reflected on the year prior, meditated on the year to come, and asked a shit-ton of questions to justify why we continue to dedicate ourselves to the Dentonian cause.


On the heels of a long, newsworthy memo to all staff, Nick requested the Tech team pepper his magnificent management kin with plenty of questions about the future of tech, product, sales, and editorial. Sharing two microphones among over hundred vibrant personalities - including the spectacular and outspoken stars of our company, the writers - is not easy, especially in limited time. Among questions of finance, staffing, and GamerGate, there was just not enough time for many of Tech's questions. Enter Kinja.


What follows is a series of questions that I planned on asking, but just could not fit in. I encourage you, dear reader, to ask your own questions of Gawker Media's management team. Is there anything you'd like to know about the tech, product, sales, or editorial departments? Of course there is — ask us anything!

None of these questions, either yours or mine, are guaranteed an answer. But I promise that your voice will be heard. Fire away in the comments below.

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