Eyes Up: Help Us Identify Great Conversations Happening on Kinja

The Kinjaverse is an expansive space for creative, intelligent discussion that would blow Neil DeGrasse Tyson's mind. Also, gifs. But all of our eyes and ears combined are not enough to even scratch the surface of the conversations taking place on Kinja. We need your help.


If you spot any alarmgly good conversations on the Kinja frontier, let us know. You might be asking, "How can I let you know about all this awesome conversation I'm finding?" Easy. Keep an eye on our new community-centric blog, Talk, where you'll find call-to-action posts to help us identify popular discussion — like this one! Talk will also feature nifty new sub-blogs and powerful posts that you might want to check out, as well as Kinja Product and Tech developments that you may find interesting.

What qualifies as a good conversation?

  • A developing news story that is explained from several perspectives by way of eyewitness accounts of readers
  • A heated but pleasant exchange between Kinja frenemies about the latest pop culture phenomenon
  • A hundred-reply thread debating the quality of equipment used by the commercial space industry
  • An open-ended question on the values of consuming diatomaceous earth answered by community involvement
  • Anything!

That's right, we want to see anything you consider absurdly good conversation — it's open to your interpretation. While I do want to skew more toward discussions happening on Gawker Media's blogs, the sub-blog happenings are of equal importance. Share it all. Eyes up, Kinjans.


(Pictured: Three fine gentlemen looking for compelling conversation on Kinja)

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