The post-Avengers-Age-of-Ultron-trailer era has dawned upon us. If you are still reeling from the goosebumps-inducing epicness and are itching for more comic book content, well you're in luck! This week I present you some awesome comic-book-centric Kinja blogs:

  1. Toybox - This subblog written by io9's James Whitbrook is filled with wonderful sights on everything comic book toys, movies, and general awesome nerdiness.
  2. Opposing Viewpoints - Observation Deck's Rookiebatman gets in deep with his comic book movie opinions.
  3. ThoughtBubble - A wonderfully curated selection of the best comic book posts from Kinja's main blogs.

Let us know what are your favorite Kinja blogs. ALL of them!

GIF courtesy of Comic-GIFs.

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