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KISS: A Small Tweak to Group Chats

Illustration for article titled emKISS/em: A Small Tweak to Group Chats

We've updated our discussion system's behind-the-scenes magic which should make group chats much easier to read, and a better place to interact.

  • Replies and recommendations from blog admins will now appear in (and can trigger) the Author's Discussion. This means that, in addition to the post's author and invited users, interaction from blog admins will appear in the author's discussion.
  • The Popular Discussion view, previously visible when an author hasn't interacted with any replies on his post, has been put out of its misery. RIP. From now on, posts without author or admin interaction will default to the approved content under All Replies.

We hope this simplifies the experience of both reading and replying to your favorite posts on Kinja.

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