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Welcome to Talk: The Official Kinja Community Blog!

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Hello lovely Kinja people! Today marks the beginning of our official community blog. The one community blog to rule them all.


Why the name Talk? Well, conversation is essentially what the Kinja platform is all about and with this blog we want to have a conversation with you. Yes, you, the person who is reading this right now. How are you doing today?

What's going to be on this blog? We're going to share tips on how to use the Kinja, provide updates on the platform, shine the spotlight on interesting comments lurking around, and share great community content. We'll need your help for this! So feel free to reply to any of our posts and chime in with your suggestions and feedback.


How do I get followed by Talk? Basically, we appreciate constructive conversation that is insightful and perhaps even funny and entertaining. Also, GIFs are more than welcomed.

Stay tuned!

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